czwartek, 28 lutego 2013

Donuts are the best!

Ok. Let's face it. I know nobody who doesn't' like donuts. Donuts are sweet and delicious and to be honest have very regular and appealing to everybody shape - they are round with hole inside. So just everyone are crazy about donuts. Maybe not literally everyone but most of the people.

In Poland, the place where I come from, donuts don't have round whole, they just full and they are most delicious treat I ever ate. With sweet jam inside and super delicious icing, polish doughnuts are my the best sweet in the whole world. But to be fair, regular donuts with whole are in my top too. I love visiting Donkin Donuts all over the world and buy them in bulk, and eat them one by one during whole day. Mniam!

Following design is part of my devotion and dedication to donuts. The donut You see here, has cute pretty face with lovely smile. Design is drawn in kawaii style, one of my favourite. So this cute kawaii donut is smiling to everyone and blinking his one eye, and of course just tempting you to eat him ( and probably buy the donut product;). I draw pink icing and add pink text: Donut Lover. I found it the best  with addition of blue background.

I don't know what elese could I add - I just hope You like this dough-nuts, as much as I do. This donut illustration is available on t-shirts, iPad cases, iPhone covers, mousepads, mugs, clocks, bags and many more from Zazzle products. All to be found here.

And below, as always, few sample kawaii donut products.
Delicious Donuts Hat
Delicious Donuts Hat by likeit
Find other Donut Hats at
Delicious Donuts iPad Cases
Delicious Donuts iPad Cases by likeit
See other Donut Caseable Cases at zazzle

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