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Narwhals are so awesome!

Probably all know this very popular Youtube video about Narwhals by Mr Weebl: 

I couldn't agree more. Narwhals are most awesome animals of all! It's so clear! Sea mammals with really one amazing and unique thing - horn on the top of their forehead. I mean: Wow! Why on earth they even need this?! I can imagine only one reason: to be the most awesome animal in the world.

It was just a matter of time I decided to paint my own narwhal and arrange Zazzle products with him. Narwhals are too cool to be leave them just like that. You can love them or you can... who am I kidding! You can only love them - no other option. My Like It Zazzle Store seemed to be the best choice for my Narwhal collection.

My narwhals, beside being awesome, are quite cute animals. Gentle smile and adorable smooth body. Perfect design for all narwhals lovers. Our narwhals are available on t-shirts, mugs and many more products, as usual:) All 'I love Narwhals' offer is here. And below few bestselling narwhals for your consideration.

I love Narwhals Mesh Hat
I love Narwhals Mesh Hat by likeit
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I love Narwhals Shirts
I love Narwhals Shirts by likeit
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I love Narwhals Round Stickers
I love Narwhals Round Stickers by likeit
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