wtorek, 19 marca 2013

What the...? Mermaid on bike?

I made this picture for Illustration Friday Challenge few weeks ago. The word was: Wheels. And to be honest, a bike was my first idea. I wanted to draw bicycle, but I needed very characteristic person or creature to ride on it.  Mermaid wasn't my first thought, but I said to myself - hey! even mermaid, with no legs should be able to enjoy riding a bicycle. And that's how this little siren  was born:)

The mermaid is not typical one. Purple curly hair, glasses and kid of hipster/geek/nerd style. Definitely book worm or history teacher. Even I'm not entirely sure but generally you get an idea:) For sure she is totally opposite to normal mermaid look we all used to.

After I published it on my personal blog, I decide That this illustration is so nice, that I could include it to my Zazzle Store. So from now on it's available to buy on t-shirts, mugs, bags, Iphone 5 cases, Android Cases, and many more. Check all here. And take a look at her below:)

This could be perfect gift for all mermaid lovers and bike users as well. Perfect combination!

Mermaid on Bike Motorola Droid RAZR Cases
Mermaid on Bike Motorola Droid RAZR Cases by likeit
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