czwartek, 28 lutego 2013

Donuts are the best!

Ok. Let's face it. I know nobody who doesn't' like donuts. Donuts are sweet and delicious and to be honest have very regular and appealing to everybody shape - they are round with hole inside. So just everyone are crazy about donuts. Maybe not literally everyone but most of the people.

In Poland, the place where I come from, donuts don't have round whole, they just full and they are most delicious treat I ever ate. With sweet jam inside and super delicious icing, polish doughnuts are my the best sweet in the whole world. But to be fair, regular donuts with whole are in my top too. I love visiting Donkin Donuts all over the world and buy them in bulk, and eat them one by one during whole day. Mniam!

Following design is part of my devotion and dedication to donuts. The donut You see here, has cute pretty face with lovely smile. Design is drawn in kawaii style, one of my favourite. So this cute kawaii donut is smiling to everyone and blinking his one eye, and of course just tempting you to eat him ( and probably buy the donut product;). I draw pink icing and add pink text: Donut Lover. I found it the best  with addition of blue background.

I don't know what elese could I add - I just hope You like this dough-nuts, as much as I do. This donut illustration is available on t-shirts, iPad cases, iPhone covers, mousepads, mugs, clocks, bags and many more from Zazzle products. All to be found here.

And below, as always, few sample kawaii donut products.
Delicious Donuts Hat
Delicious Donuts Hat by likeit
Find other Donut Hats at
Delicious Donuts iPad Cases
Delicious Donuts iPad Cases by likeit
See other Donut Caseable Cases at zazzle

poniedziałek, 18 lutego 2013

Our first Giveaway!!

It’s time for our first giveaway! Do You want some fancy t-shirt or awesome mousepad from absolutely FREE? All You must do is to LIKE our Facebook page and SHARE this illustration on your wall . One of those who will do it before the end of this week (midnight ECT 24.02.2013), we will draw lucky winner for 25$ gift certificate for products from our Zazzle Stores.

piątek, 15 lutego 2013

Beautiful Mermaids

Probably everybody read classic fairy tale or just saw famous animation movie “Little Mermaid”. Simple but sad story about love between mermaid princess and human prince. They can’t live with each other. Mermaid doesn’t have legs and the price can’t live under water.
This fairy tale realized me something. Mermaids aren’t vicious and dangerous creatures that lure lost sailors and feed on them. They became part of modern pop culture as sweet, cute, beautiful with kind and gentle hearts. Full of love and respect for everyone.
That’s why I decide to draw this picture. Red hair mermaid hugging little colourful fish. She represents exactly what I mentioned. Simple kindness and love. Cute and sweet being.
I made her special place in my Like It Zazzle Store, for everyone who likes fairy tales and fairy tale and fantasy creatures like this gorgeous mermaid. So far I have here only mermaid, but I have very ambitious plans to expand (so many ideas and illustrations, and so little time!) on other tales and fantastic places or animals.
I must say I’m very proud of this little adorable design and my customer must like it also, because it is selling very well. Popular products like t-shirts, ceramic tiles, iPhone covers are the bestsellers. Check whole mermaid offer here. Below as always I chose for You some exemplar products.

I love Mermaids Mouse Pads
I love Mermaids Mouse Pads by likeit
Browse Mermaid Mousepads online at

I love Mermaids Mug
I love Mermaids Mug by likeit
Browse Mermaid Mugs online at

piątek, 8 lutego 2013

I love Sushi!

If I must choose the best meal of mine, sushi will probably be in my Top Five or maybe even Top Three. But please do not ask me to name all my favourite dishes. I love to eat so much, so it could be too difficult.

But anyway – I love sushi! I just love all in it. The taste, the smell, the way of eating and all the preparation. I love going out to sushi restaurants, trying new places and also revisiting my old favourite ones. I also do sushi myself in my kitchen – buy all ingredients and prepare it slowly. Sushi is just awesome!

That’s why I’ve made this illustration. You know, cute kawaii kind of way. For me it was quite obvious idea – beside sushi I love also this cuteness Asian style, So it seemed for me perfect combination. We have here three sushi rolls: futomaki – rolled with nori sea weed, with salmon inside, Uramaki – rice outside with black sesame, and California Gold – with salmon on top. All rolls have happy smiling faces and are totally adorable.

As I mentioned before, in my Store I gather all things people can like or love. I think there is more people like me with admiration for sushi – so here I go with another line of product – I like Sushi. As usual we offer many products – sushi t-shirt, sushi plate, sushi placemat, whatever You please. If You need some gift for someone crazy about sushi, this is the place for You. I chose some of Like It Store sushi products, and to see full offer, click here.

Love Sushi Tote Bag
Love Sushi Tote Bag by likeit
Check out more Sushi Bags at Zazzle

piątek, 1 lutego 2013

I love Panda

Pandas are probably one of the most awesome animals on earth. I were recently in Zoological Garden, and when crowd saw panda, started to making noises of extraordinary affection and admiration. Panda Bears are considered as one of the cutest and most adorable – panda moves, everybody shouts (just if they saw some celebrity actor or actress), panda eats a bamboo –  everybody sighs, Panda roll over onto her back everybody squeak. I think, panda is some kind of celebrity of animal kingdom.

That’s why I decided to put this lovely illustrated panda with bamboo stick to variety of Zazzle products. I really like to see “I love Panda” section of my Zazzle Store is growing. Right now is one of my favorite virtual corner of Zazzle. And one of my dreams is someday I spot someone on the street with t-shirt or hat or at least bag with my panda. It’d definitely make my day.

Maybe just look what I have to offer in my Like It Zazzle Store. What type of panda I write this post. It’s panda I like the most – cute, little animal – round and furry – with short arms and smiled face.

Just remember – these fab panda products are just small sample. All offer with dozens of offered by Zazzle “I love panda” stuff is available to buy here.
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