poniedziałek, 29 kwietnia 2013

I love Cats

From all animals I'd like to have as a pet, cats are the most obvious and easy to get. Simple as that. Right now I don't have any pet - I don't live in one place, I travel a lot,  so for me it would be quite difficult to owe any animal. Someday I'll settle down for sure, and then I plan to have as many pets as I could. And Cats will be among them 100%. Because I LOVE cats!

Cats are so cute and adorable, and no other animal can compete with cat, when it comes to being independent cats are leaders. That's mainly why I love cats so much.

I know there are many cat lovers out there. I prepared today some awesome cat products from my Like It Store. Pile of cute kittens on many Zazzle products. All to see and buy here. Below some few featured products.

I love Cats Shirt
I love Cats Shirt by likeit
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I love Cats Throw Pillow
I love Cats Throw Pillow by likeit
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I love Cats iPhone 5 Cases
I love Cats iPhone 5 Cases by likeit
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niedziela, 7 kwietnia 2013

Cute Strawberry Cupcake

I love Kawaii style. You know... this adorable style from Japan, where literately everything is cute and sooo sweet, that all you want to do is to squeeze hard and  you just want it, and hug and love....Aaaaagh! Sorry about that... I've just imagined how cute things can be when you draw them in this particular style:)

My latest cupcake illustration is made exactly in kawaii style. Cute smile with lovely eyes. And, ha! On top of this delicious cupcake, you can easily spot sweet & cute strawberry. And with those two companions we receive too much of the cuteness. An just to be serious - I don't believe there is such thing. Cuteness, especially when we talking about cute food (and desserts of course), should be served in unlimited amounts.

Ok. That are my personal feelings about food and kawaii. I love it, and this sweet cupcake is expression of what I feel. What is important - I hope customers in Like It Store will like my strawberry dessert as much as I. This design is available on dozens of products. We have most obvious products ( kitchen related) like plates, aprons, candy jars or more universal - t-shirts, mugs, bags or even iPad or iPhone cases. Just spare minute and click here. You'll find all of them there. Thank You for your attention and enjoy your cupcake :)
Cute Strawberry Cupcake Sleeve For iPads
Cute Strawberry Cupcake Sleeve For iPads by likeit
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Cute Strawberry Cupcake Aprons
Cute Strawberry Cupcake Aprons by likeit
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Cute Strawberry Cupcake Plate
Cute Strawberry Cupcake Plate by likeit
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Cute Strawberry Cupcake Candy Jar
Cute Strawberry Cupcake Candy Jar by likeit
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