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Arrr...I'm Penguin The Pirate!

OK. Let's face it. Pirates are the best. It's freaking awesome to be a pirate. And IMHO everyone dream to be a pirate. Sailing across Caribbean Sea, searching for buried treasures, looting ships and after long tiring day of pirating - sitting in the pub, drinking rum and singing Pirate Songs. The best life ever!

And seriously! Being Pirate and Penguin is the best thing that could ever happen to anybody! Our cute penguin pirate from Like It Zazzle Store is sort of tribute to all hard working sea dogs around all seas and oceans of the world. He's cute, adorable, just trying to look scary. And he is available as usual on many Zazzle Products. You can buy it here ( below few samples). Enjoy!

Cute Pirate Penguin Fridge Magnets
Cute Pirate Penguin Fridge Magnets by likeit
Look at other Penguin Magnets at zazzle.com

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